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Five Lens Practitioner

Module 1 - 2

Get certified in the Five Lenses of human development, working with Individuals & our world class Personal Feedback Report

This training consists of two modules with 10 hours of online learning with an assesement which precedes the two days of in class learning and is aimed at working with individuals.

In module one we cover all the models and theory underpinning our Five Lens Development Platform. These include:

  • The six Personal Mastery factors.
  • Emotional Resilience.
  • The three Social Drives and Transcendence.
  • The three Energy Centres.
  • The Enneagram, including the three subtypes of each style, as well as our five levels of integration.

Module two covers the practical application of The Five Lens Development Platform with individuals, using the Personal Feedback Report™. The focus is on learning to debrief individuals. We also cover how to interface with our online system; how to send out questionnaire links to clients and how to purchase and download 'Five Lens Personal Feedback Reports™'. To complete this training you will be required to complete either two case studies or to debrief a client with one of our faculty observing.

Having successfully completed this level one training you will be entitled to use our branded logo and title of: Ennea Certified – "Five Lens Practitioner™"

Five Lens Professional

Module 3 - 4

Get certified as a Five Lens team facilitator and work with our integrated Essentials Products & Processes with Teams and Workgroups

The Training consists of 10 hours of online learning which preceds the two days on in class learning. This training covers seven of the essential components for building High Performing teams.

Team Discovery Day™

  • Conflict
  • Feedback
  • Building Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Thinking Skills
  • Building Resilience

The training runs over two days and you will learn the models and theory underpinning these essential components and how to facilitate these in team or work group environments. You will also learn how to generate all content necessary to run the day from our website client portal.

Having successfully achieved Profesional Level certification you will be entitled to use our branded logo and title of: Ennea Certified – "Five Lens Professional"