Meet the Team

Eric Albertini Ph.D

Managing Director: Europe, Africa, Middle-East (EMEA)

I joined Ennea International as Managing Director for the EMEA Region in the first quarter of 2017. Having previously been with USB Executive Development as the Director of Customised Programmes and Organisational Partnerships. Prior to joining USB Executive Development, I was with The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) where I was involved in the designing of leadership development solutions.

I was also involved in establishing the Standard Bank's Global Leadership Center (GLC) and was Portfolio Head: Leadership Development Interventions at the GLC. I have also worked at Ernst & Young, Nedcor, and Liberty Life in various roles in organisational effectiveness and people development.

With a passion for helping people and organisations realise their full potential, I have been consulting and facilitating in the areas of Strategy, Leadership and Marketing at leading educational institutions for approximately 20 years.

I hold a Doctorate and a Masters Degree in Philosophy (Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership), a B.Comm (Hons) Degree in Financial Management, and the IMM Diploma in Marketing Management.

Hymie Gordon

Global Distribution

I head up the entrepreneurial side of Ennea International. My major focus is to find and help integrate distribution partners that take our solutions to market. I am passionate about our business, the work we do and am thrilled at being part of an incredible team of highly competent, dedicated people.

At Ennea we embrace the good to great principals, so it's always first the "who" and then the "what" in bringing people and distribution partners into the business. It's great being part of business that focuses on unlocking potential in individuals; leaders and teams helping lift their levels of effectiveness. Our business is being built to last way beyond any of us and our belief is that future generations will continue to develop and enhance what we have created.

As an Executive Coach (PCC) & Facilitator, when time permits I enjoy facilitating group and teamwork processes, plus the occasional executive coaching assignment.

Colin Adam

People Development

Our business is all about developing people and I have the lead in creating and constantly refining the products and processes by which we do that. We apply a mix of well-researched models, including the Enneagram and Personal Mastery (based on Peter Senge's work), combined with Integral/Ontological coaching and Action Learning.

I lead the certification of coaches, facilitators, and organisational development specialists globally, in the application of our products, processes & methodologies. In addition, I lead our in-house consulting team. We know that when teams fail to function optimally the problem usually lies in the quality of relationships and so we work to optimise the relational aspects of leader and team development in order to move teams and organisations to sustainable high performance.

I am a Professional Certified Integral Coach (PCC & ICF accredited) & Facilitator and have international experience of working in and with private corporations and public sector organisations.

Morne Du Toit

Technology & Operations

Heading up Technology and Operations for Ennea International Holdings in the global market is an exciting challenge where I regularly call on years of experience in the technology, software and product development fields. My current focus is on our strategic product positioning, which is part of our global business model. This is one of the reasons that makes us stand head and shoulders above our competitors.

At Ennea International I have found my home where I can be the author of my own destiny.

Rob Barnes Ph.D

Research & Development

I am a broad-minded, rather academically inclined, theoretical psychologist with proficiency in organisational consulting (as a registered industrial psychologist) and both extensive one-on-one and group counselling experience. I am deeply influenced by Buddhist spirituality and Ken Wilbur's Integral approach, both of which I strive to apply in my daily life and therapeutic approach. Motivated to provide people with usable information and guidance that will enable them to leave their emotional baggage behind and live fuller lives, I was attracted to the Enneagram a while back and still use it extensively.

In creating and refining the 5LQ and its reports, I have drawn on my professional insights coloured by my spiritual convictions in balance with my knowledge of life-sciences and neuro-biology to integrate a number of different models of human personality into our assessment. My experience in applying statistical analysis and item-response theory has also contributed here.

These models are used in a way that can hopefully assist respondents find their way to increased effectiveness in their work and private lives. I recognise that awareness of an imbalance is the first important step in accepting it and then transcending it. I continue to explore and write on group and team dynamics which enables us to effectively apply these and other models in our nine stages of team development.

Christopher Lindberg

Managing Director North America

I am a Partner and Managing Director of Ennea International North America. I bring more than 20 years of management and leadership experience in various organizations, and have had the opportunity to lead people all over the world.

I am also an adjunct professor at Villanova University, where I received an Executive MBA in Systems Thinking, and at Drexel University, where I received my BSBA in 1994. In addition, I serve as the VP of Education for the Villanova EMBA Alumni Association and have been guest lecturing at Drexel since 1995

Retha Van Staden

Distribution & Certification

I build, grow and manage the relationship with Ennea Distributors and the Ennea 5LQ Certified Community. I also evaluate case study assignments and do the certification for our new 5LQ Practitioners and Team Facilitators, and often facilitate the certification courses and team processes.

Through my work with Ennea International, I have found my passion in the understanding of human behavior through the 5LQ (Personal Mastery, Social Drives, Energy Centers, Emotional Resilience and the Enneagram). I have a particular passion for people and their personal development paths, and I'm humbled by our role in improving lives and working relationships every day.